Ever see someone walk past and you comment, "Nice shoes... handbag... dress.. etc" and then think, Where did she find that? Perhaps you even asked her? The response was probably, "I don't remember" or "It was a gift" or some other ackowledgement that brings you no closer to inheriting a piece of her wardrobe.

The GardeRobe's founders, Lola and Charlie, are dedicated to finding piece of clothing to add to your closet that make other admirers of style ask that very question of your next outfit. Please browse through both of the closets for a unique shopping experience.


*Note: During the initial development of this site, we ask you to please bear with us and the phases that The GardeRobe undergoes. We hope that with our evolvement, we also help you evolve your own closet. Comments and questions will always be appreciated and encouraged.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Go through both of the closets to shop for vintage and unique clothing, including blouses, dresses, skirts and many more pieces that  have both carefully selected for you.